There are a number of policy documents that apply to students using technology, including the following:

  • Personal Devices Policy
  • E-Safety Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy

These policies are all available in the Policies folder via the Publications tab in the online Pupil Portal

The Acceptable Use Policy and E-Safety policies are also available on the main school website here.

The Acceptable Use Policy is also sometimes referred to as the Acceptable Computer Use Policy and also as the AUP.

A simplified version of the Acceptable Use Policy suitable for younger students is also available below.

Acceptable Use Policy - Simplified Version for younger students

The Manchester Grammar School provides its pupils and staff with computer equipment to enhance their teaching and learning.  However, whilst it wants that equipment to be used, it also expects users to behave responsibly.  Consequently, when you use computer equipment provided by the School, you are also agreeing to the following statement.

• I will not post personal contact information about myself or other people. This includes home and school address, together with telephone numbers.
• I will not agree to meet with someone I have met online without my parents' full knowledge and approval.
• I will not send offensive or harmful material to other users.  If I receive any material which I think is inappropriate or which makes me uncomfortable, I will immediately inform a member of staff.
• I will not publish anything which I know to either false or harmful about the School, its staff, my fellow pupils or their parents.
• I will not participate in acts of cyber bullying.  If I see or hear of any evidence of cyber bullying, I will report it immediately to a member of staff.
• I will not visit internet sites that contain obscene, hateful or otherwise illegal material.
• I will not use computer equipment for any unlawful purpose, for example film or music piracy.  Nor will I use computer equipment for my own personal gain.
• I will respect the law of copyright, i.e. use items such as computer software which actually belong to other people in ways which are forbidden by law.
• I will not engage in acts of plagiarism (i.e. intentionally pass off the work of another person as my own.)
• I will not play or participate in online computer games without authorisation.
• I will not search for security problems, whether real or imagined.
• I will not hack or crack into unauthorised areas.
• I will not carry out any unauthorised act which might disrupt or harm the operation of the computers.  In particular, I will not install or run any unauthorised form of software on the School network, or introduce viruses.
• I will not access the file space of another user or change the desktop set-up.
• More generally, I will not undertake activities that lead to a waste of staff time or networked resources.

I consent to the School’s authorities monitoring my use of computer equipment provided by it.

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