MGScentral is the Learning Platform of the Manchester Grammar School. Enquiries about existing courses should be made to the relevant member of staff. All general enquiries should be made to Mr Duffy, the Head of Computing, who also provides assistance with the setting up of new MGScentral courses and the training of staff in its use.


MGScentral is a Learning Platform. A Learning Platform is a website that is designed to assist the teaching of students over the internet. MGScentral currently uses Moodle software, the most widely used free Open Source Learning Platform software in the world.


MGScentral enables students to access a wide variety of resources, including: web pages, web links, .PDF documents, uploaded MS Word & MS PowerPoint files, discussion forums, assignments, wikis and quizzes. The resources are added and used using any browser, and therefore courses can be created and used while teachers and students are not on site at MGS. All teachers at MGS are encouraged to add content and use the features available within MGScentral.

Last modified: Monday, 19 June 2017, 9:41 AM