Here are the questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions about

  1. When I forget my password how can I get a replacement
    The procedure is as follows: You need to ask your form tutor to contact the Computer Services department and request a new password for you using the FreshService application. This will then be delivered to your form tutor who will then pass it on to you.
  2. What is a Learning Platform? A Learning Platform is a website that is designed to assist the teaching and learning of students over the internet. Often called e-learning websites or VLEs, Learning Platforms offer facilities that are not normally present in static non-educational websites, in particular they offer dynamic interaction between students and teachers.
  3. What is Moodle? Moodle is the most widely used free Open Source Learning Platform in the world. Over 80,000 websites use it to deliver course content. Moodle enables students to access a wide variety of resources, including; web pages, web links, uploaded MS Word & PowerPoint files, forums, assignments, wikis and quizzes.
  4. Can I start using this website immediately? Yes.
  5. Where can I learn about how to use this Learning Platform? Both teachers and students can start by selecting the Moodle documentation link on the Main Menu. Manuals and other resources are available from the CM (Computing)  Support area of this website - login and enrol on this course.
  6. Can anybody login and use No. Only current staff and students at MGS are able to login and use this website. There can be no 'Guest' accounts of any type as the contents are only licensed to MGS staff and MGS pupils. Staff or pupils wishing to have a wider audience need to look elsewhere.
  7. Can I access from home? Yes. It can be accessed from anywhere on the internet whether it be a desktop PC, laptop tablet or smartphone. All modern browsers display this website in the the same way
  8. As a teacher I would like to start developing a Moodle course in my subject on this website. Where should I start? Firstly, logon and enrol on the CM Support course and look at the section about Moodle. Then talk to the Head of Computing, who will be delighted to assist you.
  9. Where can I find out more about Moodle and other schools that use this particular Learning Platform? Browse to - this is the main Moodle website. From here you can see a list of over 3,000 UK Moodle sites.
  10. Is a record kept of what a user does when logged in Yes. The Moodle system automatically records all user activity. It is therefore easy to investigate who has done what, and when!
  11. Can I distribute the contents of to other people that are neither MGS staff nor MGS pupils? No. A wide variety of copyright and licensing issues would make any such distribution illegal and immoral.
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